Novels for Adults

Cut and Run

The Misadventures of Alex Perez

Book 1 (2009) 

This is the story of Alex Perez, a Panamanian immigrant from Texas who travels through Mexico and Guatemala with his fiancé' and obstinate future mother-in-law. Along the way they encounter a slew of colorful characters, including two young Mexican kids on the lam, a lustful priest, a drunken boat captain and his blind first mate, and a police officer who owns several whorehouses. This novel is a satirical and humorous take on the clash of cultures between north and south of the U.S border.

In Search of High Ground

The Amorous Antics of Alex Perez

Book 2 (2012) 

The story of a Panamanian lothario who tries to find high ground. Throughout his European journey, Alex finds himself in the company of men who chastise his immoral behavior, and women who encourage it. While recuperating in a Paris hospital from two gunshot wounds, God invades his dreams, and shows him what heaven and hell are going to be for him. Then he tells Alex that the Grim Reaper has his name.  Knowing God is giving him a second chance, Alex decides to behave and walk the high moral road. Playing it safe, he leaves Paris and goes to Munich. Unable to escape temptation there, he flees to Switzerland. Then while on a train going to Zurich, he meets Helga, a lonely, innocent widow.

An Ill Wind that Blows No Good

Alex Perez Mexican Adventures 

Book 3 (2013)

 A hilarious, bawdy, and politically incorrect novel about Alex, a destitute Panamanian scoundrel who tries to better himself by going into business taking American tourists into Mexico on a Mayan archeological tour. What happens to him, his crew, and his customers will make Murphy’s Law look tame.

Chasing the Moolah

Alex Perez Goes to Afghanistan 

Book 4 (2016)

 The story of Alex, an immigrant from Panama who is employed as a reporter by a Texas newspaper. He gets an invitation via a nefarious French gunrunner to interview Mullah Omar, the Taliban leader hiding somewhere in the Kondoz Mountains. As he travels to the rendezvous point, his group is taken over by an American army colonel who is obsessed with capturing the Mullah, and collecting the bounty on his head. 

Isla Grande

Alex Perez Returns to Panama

Book 5 (2017)

Alex goes to Panama to look for his missing brother, while there he is ensnared in a conspiracy by a rouge CIA agent and an unscrupulous local security officer. Their plan is to steal the money offered to Chucho Martinez, a defector from the FARC. 

A View From A Pedestal

Lady Liberty Enlightens The World


A humorous political satire dealing with a disgruntled icon. Sebastian Bryant, a worker in charge of maintaining the structure of the Statue of Liberty shows up to work one day and gets the surprise of his life, the statue talks to him. Lady Liberty is upset with the present state of affairs, and wants him to tell the nation she will talk to them on the 4th of July.

Short Stories

Marika and The Dragon and Other Fantasy Tales

 Four fantasy stories.

~ Marika and The Dragon ~ Rejali and The Camel ~ The Fifth Rose ~ The Wizard's Daughter

Stories, Long and Short

A menagerie of stories featuring A Park Bench and Cigarrettes - Nurse Miriam -  Rejali and the Camel

Novels for Young Adults

Jana of Barkom

The Adventures of the Danube Sisters

  Book 1 (2016)

 Princess Jana finds the restraints placed upon her gender unacceptable. She enters a race that is for men only and wins it. Her success causes a ruckus, and she’s insulted. Alexis, a young man Jana has fallen in love with comes to her rescue and kills the Crown Prince of Astoria, starting a war. Marika is engaged to Alexis. Jana rebels against family authority, and leaves home in search of adventure. When Queen Beatrice, their mother is kidnapped by Marcus the evil wizard, and locked in an Urukian tower, Marika joins an effort to free her and faces the dragon guarding her mother. Samara kills a man in cold blood. Jana crosses the Dorrian desert and enters the forbidden zone..

Alexis Aragon of Fern

The Adventures of the Danube Sisters

Book 2 (2016)

Queen Samara meets with Mistofeles, the cave devil and collects a set of riddles to do with impending doom. Jana and Alexis decide to conquer the territory of Aburkia, a wild and mystical land inhabited by ghouls, dragons, and Soira, a young sorceress who keeps a man she likes locked in a room. Marika plans to hunt one of Soira’s dragons, but the sorceress is tipped off, and she kidnaps her. The Arabs invade Calais, they defeat the forces under Alexis. He escapes to fight again, and rides towards Aburkia. When the war spills into Soira's territory, she, Alexis, Jana, and Marika, together with an army of ghouls and dragons battle the sandmen..

Korina Queen of Fern

The Adventures of the Danube Sisters

Book 3 (2017)

Korina goes to Aburkia to fight; she schemes and meddles in Uruk, causing the demise of the Kassarov’s rule. Princess Jana is still waiting for Alexis to notice her, while her sister Marika, on a whim steals his heart with a reckless kiss. The Calaisian armies are on the brink of total defeat when the ‘girl with hair the color of the sun’ joins up with the ‘death warrior,’ and together they bring the war to a favorable conclusion. Marika is deposed and thrown into an Urukian dungeon, forcing Alexis to mount a rescue attempt. Jana, spurned by Alexis, marries Daghbi, the new Sultan, and moves to Arabia..